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CAIXIAVE has had the opportunity to provide efficient windows and doors for the most demanding architectural projects.

Our efficient window and door solutions adapt to any type of project: contemporary architecture or architectural renovation.

The commitment of CAIXIAVE is to offer solutions that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. With solutions that contribute positively to the defense of the environment, 100% recyclable and with the best balance sheet throughout the life cycle of the building.

Combining products with high technical and aesthetic performance, CAIXIAVE also has in its Commercial and Technical Department, a team of professionals who can give support to the level of the execution of architectural projects, providing all the necessary information for the elaboration of Descriptive Memories and Notebooks And the execution of the detailed drawings of the solutions of the selected efficient windows and doors.

The mission of CAIXIAVE is to meet the most demanding architectural requirements of buildings.



CAIXIAVE has support for architectural projects. Our employees are available to study with you the best frame solutions to adopt in your architecture project.

Contact our responsible for technical support for architectural projects: Luís Ambrósio

  Descriptive Memory (PDF 173.98 KB)



CAIXIAVE has been accompanying together with Architects and Designers the most demanding architectural projects and the most demanding new works of architectural renovation.

The monitoring in the design phase is very important for a correct choice of efficient window and door systems that best suit the purpose of the work, considering all the key aspects to take into account:

Technical advice on the choice of solutions and typologies of efficient windows and doors that best adapt to the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project
Technical advice on the choice of the best solutions that ensure the thermal and acoustic performance of the solutions according to the characteristics and location of the work, as well as the necessary compliance with the rules and legislation in force (RGEU, RRAE, REH and RECS)
Advice on the choice of glass solutions, considering their thermal characteristics (thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, light transmission, etc.) meeting the requirements of the product standard NP EN 14351-1 and CE marking


Technical and economic optimization of window and door solutions taking into account the execution of the work
Follow-up and support in the elaboration of Scope Maps and respective technical details of the chosen solutions
Permanent monitoring from the design phase to the installation of the solutions of exterior windows and doors on site