CAIXIAVE has been accompanying together with Builders the most demanding works of new construction and renovation of old buildings.

CAIXIAVE monitors the execution of sub-contracting for the supply and installation of efficient windows and doors on site in turnkey projects: supply, installation and after-sales.

The monitoring of the execution of the sub-contracting of supply and installation of efficient windows is fundamental to ensure the final quality of the works and the success of the work.


For this reason, CAIXIAVE's service to BUILDERS takes into account the following functions:

Technical advice on the choice of solutions and typologies of exterior windows and doors that best adapt to the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project, according to the Vain Maps and other technical specifications of the architectural project
Permanent monitoring by Project Manager together with those responsible for the work, from the initial stage of the study of the solutions to be produced, through the rectification of measurements to the installation of efficient windows and doors
Technical advice on choosing the best solutions to ensure the thermal and acoustic performance of the solutions according to the characteristics and location of the work, as well as the necessary compliance with the rules and legislation in force (RGEU, RRAE, REH and RECS)
Strict compliance with supply and installation deadlines
Permanent after-sales service
Follow-up of the work by a project manager from the phase of rectification of measures on the job by teams from CAIXIAVE until the installation of the last window on site
A unique service of permanent monitoring in the execution of the subcontracts in order to guarantee the success of their Works


CAIXIAVE has permanent support for the most demanding new or renovation works. Our employees are available to study with you the best solutions of frames to provide and install in your Work, optimizing the technical and aesthetic specifications of the architectural project, the economic cost of the solutions and the installation in Construction.

The support for works is guaranteed by our extensive team of technical-commercial present throughout the country. Contact us to schedule a visit:


CAIXIAVE has a Budget Department available for analysis and preparation of sub-contract proposals, through the analysis of the Architecture Project, respective Map of Vain and Quantities Maps.

The request for proposals for the supply and assembly of exterior windows and doors can be submitted through our Commercial or directly to our Department of Budgets through