Energy Efficiency

More energy efficiency in buildings

The energy consumption of buildings and the consequent CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which are responsible for significant environmental impacts, have been continuously increasing, and it is therefore essential to require buildings to meet minimum energy efficiency requirements.

This is due to the fact that energy consumed in buildings accounts for about one third of energy consumption in the EU. In the case of Portugal, although energy consumption in the buildings sector is below the European average (22% of total energy consumption), it tends to show a high growth rate in the future, with a Annual growth rate (data from the Directorate-General for Energy).

To reverse this situation, together with the need for more efficient facilities and equipment, the use of building materials and systems - including window frames - with a strong commitment to the challenges of sustainable development can play a key role.

In this context, it is essential to choose and install more efficient exterior windows and doors from the point of view of their contribution to reducing the energy consumption of buildings and consequently reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

This requirement to increase the energy efficiency of buildings allows CAIXIAVE to make a decisive contribution to high energy performance windows and doors for sustainability and building quality.