Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
To navigate on our website you do not request data from them. However, there are areas where some data are requested. The requested data are intended solely for internal use to enable contact with customers. Privacy and protection of user data is fully guaranteed.

Personal data of our clients are voluntarily managed and will not be sent to third parties. According to the Portuguese law, all users have the opportunity to access, update, rectify or blur their personal data, if they need to contact Caixiave.

Caixiave undertakes to adopt the necessary security measures to ensure the safeguarding of the personal data of its users against possible misuse or unauthorized access. The present privacy policy may be changed without prior notice. For additional information, please contact us.

Terms of use
In addition to accessing this website or any content contained therein, the user accepts the terms and conditions that are presented below.

The contents and design of this website are owned by CAIXIAVE. All rights are reserved. Any material contained on the website pages has national and international protection for the provisions applicable to copyright and industrial property. Any use of these materials only with CAIXIAVE authorization.

The information on this website cannot be changed. CAIXIAVE declines any liability for improper use. At any time we reserve the exchange fee, without prior notice, its presentation, structure and respective contents, as well as the conditions of use of this website.

CAIXIAVE declines any liability whatsoever for any problems that may arise as a result of the use of this website, other services and / or external websites connected with it.

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Cookies perform various functions such as helping website owners understand how they are being used, facilitating their navigation, saving their preferences and generally improving their user experience.

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Social, environmental and sustainability factors play an important role in corporate management, as well as contributing to their broad-based activity.

We make a commitment to the city and its commitment to adopt a set of principles centered on sustainable development, helping to create bad value for businesses as well as for all of society.

For this we favor the use of communication and marketing media in natural and renewable raw materials, 100 & recyclable and produced with clean technologies. We believe we can contribute positively to the preservation of nature and to the well being of future generations.

We are committed to ensuring that the information available on this website is accessible to all citizens, with special inclusion of people with special needs.

Thus, this website complies with all international standards for access to web content in accordance with the standards developed by W3C – World Wide Web Consortium.

We will continue to develop this website to make it more accessible.