Customer Service

CAIXIAVE has a dedicated service for Private Customers.

With a vast team of technical-commercial professionals throughout the country, CAIXIAVE continuously monitors the needs of its clients: requesting a quote and technical advice on the best solutions for each type of house and follow-up of the whole process, from the supply to the Assembly of windows and efficient doors.

CAIXIAVE provides all the technical and commercial information necessary for your best choice of the most suitable window and door systems in your home. In case of need for more technical information and / or support for the definition of window and door systems for an architectural project we would like to thank you for contacting our Commercial Department for the visit of a CAIXIAVE commercial technician.

1. Visit of the commercial technician
Contact of the clients with the Commercial Department to schedule a technical-commercial visit to the work. A visit to the site is followed by a CAIXIAVE commercial technician to study and advise on the solution of efficient windows and doors that best suit the needs of each house (new works or renovations / replacement of old windows).
2. Free and fast detailed budgeting
With the choice of the best efficient window and door solutions adapted to each work, the Department of Budgets elaborates a detailed budget, with a precise description of the types of windows, the type and characteristics of the windows, the type of fittings and components that make up the Windows and the types of finishes you want.
3. Support and advice on the types of financing available and adapted to the needs of each client
4. Budgeting and ordering of efficient windows and doors
Formalization of the award of efficient solutions of windows and doors. With the formalization of the award, CAIXIAVE's commercial technician will measure all the spans of the work to realize the order of order and definition of the deadlines of delivery of disassembly / assembly.
5. Dismantling of old windows and efficient window assembly
CAIXIAVE has its own assembly teams that carry out all the work of dismantling old windows and assembling the new efficient windows, at a date and time to be agreed with the customer. With a service of excellence, the quality of execution is demonstrated.
6. Permanent after-sales service

CAIXIAVE has a permanent after-sales service.

CAIXIAVE is a prestigious company in the high quality of its products and services, counting on a permanent dedication of its professionals of high competence. With our employees we can guarantee you the best service in the supply and disassembly / assembly of your new efficient windows and doors.


CAIXIAVE has permanent support to its Clients to advise on the technical and aesthetic solutions best suited for new or renovation works. Our employees are available to study with you the best solutions of frames to provide and install in your Work, optimizing the technical and aesthetic specifications of the architectural project, the economic cost of the solutions and the installation in Construction.

The support for works is guaranteed by our extensive team of technical-commercial present throughout the country. Contact us to schedule a visit:


CAIXIAVE has a After Sales Service permanently available to serve all our Clients. The monitoring of the correct supply and installation of the windows and doors is not exhausted in the assembly of the last window in Work. Prolongs during the GUARANTEE period and throughout the life cycle of the frame.

For this reason, it is necessary the permanent availability of professionals dedicated to providing a level of service excellence in various areas (window and door adjustments, replacement of windows and hardware components, etc).