Innovation and technology.

CAIXIAVE is the leading manufacturer and installer of efficient aluminium and PVC windows in the Iberian market. At the forefront of the European industry, CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and installs the most innovative efficient window solutions.

More technology, more innovation, better solutions for efficient windows.


years of experience

+100 000

efficient windows produced annually


CAIXIAVE supplies efficient PVC or aluminum windows for the most demanding architectural projects for builders and homeowners.

With a vast team of technicians and salespeople throughout the country, CAIXIAVE permanently has service to its customers: technical support for projects, production, supply and fitting of efficient windows.

CAIXIAVE efficient windows. More comfort and more energy efficiency.

CAIXIAVE always has the efficient window solution adapted to each home, combining technical quality with a demanding design.


Our solutions for efficient PVC or Aluminum windows and doors.

Colors and finishes

CAIXIAVE's efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions have a wide range of colors and finishes. A world of possibilities that allows you to respond to all aesthetic requirements.


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Acoustic isolation

CAIXIAVE's efficient windows can have the highest acoustic attenuation requirements. Buildings free of unwanted noise.

Thermal insulation

CAIXIAVE's efficient windows have the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation. Class A+ efficient windows to increase comfort, reduce bills and energy consumption.


CAIXIAVE's efficient windows are guaranteed to last for a long time and are low maintenance.

We are the right partner for you!

CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and fit efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions. High performance thermal, acoustic and secure solutions. More comfort, more safety and secure, more energy efficiency.