About us

CAIXIAVE is currently at the forefront of the Iberian market for efficient PVC and Aluminum windows and doors, with its production units located in Ribeirão - Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal).



CAIXIAVE is strongly committed to meeting the objectives of Sustainable Development: Economic Development, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

Value-added products and services

CAIXIAVE is permanently committed to innovation, the development and launch of new products and new services.

Leadership in the production of efficient PVC and aluminum windows

CAIXIAVE is currently the Iberian market leader in the production of efficient windows.


Company foundation


Sales growth in 2022

+25 000m2

Production area


Sales for export



+45 M€

Sales volume in 2023

CAIXIAVE in the world


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CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and fit efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions. High performance thermal, acoustic and secure solutions. More comfort, more safety and secure, more energy efficiency.