Certificates and Warranties

The right choice for efficient PVC or Aluminum windows.


Caixiave has been committed to a permanent strategy of innovation and development of new products and services.

CAIXIAVE is a company with large experience in the efficient windows and doors sector. With strong leadership in the Iberian market, CAIXIAVE works together with its main business partners in the European market to provide its customers with the most recent and innovative solutions for efficient windows and doors.

Quality Certificates

CAIXIAVE's permanent commitment to Quality is attested by obtaining the most demanding certificates, issued by prestigious national and international testing laboratories. This commitment to Quality allows the launch of new value products and service solutions for its customers.

We are the right partner for you!

CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and fit efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions. High performance thermal, acoustic and secure solutions. More comfort, more safety and secure, more energy efficiency.