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CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and installs efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions for all types of projects.

CAIXIAVE supplies efficient windows and doors for the most demanding architectural projects.

Our efficient window and door solutions adapt to any type of project: contemporary architecture or renovation. CAIXIAVE's commitment is to supply solutions that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. With solutions that contribute positively to the protection of the environment, 100% recyclable and with the best balance throughout the life cycle of the building.

CAIXIAVE's mission is to meet the most demanding architectural requirements for buildings.

Architectural projet support

CAIXIAVE has support service for architectural projects. Our professionals are always available to study and propose the best efficient window and door solutions for your architectural project.

Architects service

CAIXIAVE provides technical support to Architects in the most diverse architectural projects: new works or renovations.

Technical follow-up in the design phase is very important for the best choice of efficient window and door solutions for each project, reconciling technical and aesthetic requirements.

CAIXIAVE supports the most demanding construction works for new buildings or renovations.

CAIXIAVE permanently support the execution of subcontracts for the supply and fitting of efficient windows and doors on site. Monitoring these tasks are essential to ensure the final quality of the work and the success of each project.

Support for projects and works

CAIXIAVE has permanent technical support for the most demanding new or renovation works. Our professionals are available to study with you the best efficient window and door solutions to supply and fit on your site. CAIXIAVE's commitment is to respond effectively to the technical and aesthetic specifications of the architectural project, the economic cost of the solutions and the quality of the fitting on site.

For this reason, CAIXIAVE's service to BUILDERS takes into account the following functions:


CAIXIAVE has a Technical Department available to analyze and prepare quotations, through the analysis of the Architectural Project. The request for quotations for the supply and fitting efficient windows and doors can be submitted through our Commercial Department at

CAIXIAVE has a service dedicated to Homeowners.

With a vast technical-commercial team, CAIXIAVE permanently supports the needs of each client: quotation request and technical advice on the best solutions for each type of house and follow-up of the entire process (from supply to fitting on site the efficient windows and doors).
CAIXIAVE provides all the technical and commercial information necessary for your best choice of efficient window and door solutions. If you wish to receive a visit from a CAIXIAVE commercial technician, contact our Commercial Department at

Customer support

CAIXIAVE has permanent support for its customers, advising on the most suitable technical and aesthetic solutions for new or renovation works. CAIXIAVE's technicians are available to study with you the best efficient window and door solutions for your home.

After-sales service

CAIXIAVE has an After-Sales service to support all our customers. Monitoring the correct suplly and fitting of efficient windows and doors does not end with the fit of the last window on site. It extends during the WARRANTY period and throughout the life cycle of efficient windows and doors. For this reason, the permanent availability of professionals dedicated to providing an excellent level of service in the most diverse areas is required (window and door tuning, replacement of glass and hardware components, etc.).

Specialized technical support

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CAIXIAVE produces, supplies and fit efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions. High performance thermal, acoustic and secure solutions. More comfort, more safety and secure, more energy efficiency.