Caixiave - S70 Tilt and Turn

S70 Tilt and Turn

PVC Efficient windows

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Designed to increase performance

The casement and tilt & turn windows of the 70 Series are the best way to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

The investment made in Caixiave PVC-U windows is amortized in a short period of time, from which you have many years of savings and comfort. Through modern thermography, it is possible to see in different tones the heat loss of buildings, thus distinguishing the weaknesses of the façade and the points to be improved.
These points are precisely the windows.

  • Uf value = 1.3 W/m2K
  • Sealing system with two levels of tightness
  • Glass thicknesses up to 41 mm
  • Different types of sash designs
  • RC2: Proven burglar resistance
  • Excellent sound insulation, up to class IV
  • 5-chamber system in the standard combination
  • Available in various types of lacquered colours and wood imitation

Colors and finishes

CAIXIAVE's efficient PVC or Aluminum window solutions have a wide range of colors and finishes. A world of possibilities that allows you to respond to all aesthetic requirements.


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Acoustic isolation

CAIXIAVE's efficient windows can have the highest acoustic attenuation requirements. Buildings free of unwanted noise.

Thermal insulation

CAIXIAVE's efficient windows have the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation. Class A+ efficient windows to increase comfort, reduce bills and energy consumption.


CAIXIAVE's efficient windows are guaranteed to last for a long time and are low maintenance.

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Forge Gray



Dark Gray w/Vein

Golden Oak


Dark Grey

Matte Black 9011


Old Gray


Clear Oak

Dark Oak

Brown 8014

Gray 7012

Gray 7040

Natural Mahogany

Cherry tree



Chêne Irlandais


Pine Knots

Forge Green

Alpine Oak

Oak Matte

Royal Oak

Caramel Oak

Wide range of colours and types of finishes

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